Digital Marketing Agency in Lekki Lagos

Welcome to the sunny side of marketing

As with photosynthesis, Vitamin D generation or crisp photography, we harness the power of BRIGHT energy to light up your brand and business.

Any agency can promise lofty ideas and huge results. But at BeachTV Media, we are like the rare mad scientist. We disregard all frills, use your je ne sais quoi (or flaw) as catalyst, then ask you to challenge us on how to power you to kiloton success.

What We Do

We could concoct a bombastic rubric
for a cake shop that goes something like: 

"Pulchritudinous treats that flare up your palates with dripping orgasms”

digital marketing agency in nigeria
digital marketing agency in nigeria

And we could equally just say…

“The gateway to heaven; is trapped in our showcase”

What We’ve Done

NEPA may dim your light. With us, your power is ever-replenishing. 

Because we connect you to the ultimate source: explosive ideas.

 Landshop Limited

Landshop Love Match

Industry: Real Estate

Valentine’s Day campaign. The agency was required to combine the spirit of Valentine’s and the homeownership dreams of the target market to produce a campaign that not only matched people with their perfect homes but also included every single person, irrespective of their income and status.