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Redesign of the Website


As a part of the rebranding process, it was also pertinent that the website logo showed the transmogrification process that was occurring. Our task was to inculcate a jarring point of reference to Beachtv that would easily resonate with the audience and that would display the qualities that Beachtv possesses.


 How do you create a better logo from a logo that was already a good one? This was the situation that we were faced with. We went all out with creating a mix and blend of the old logo, trimming it of impurities by applying the right font, colors and design to birth the new logo.

Our Impact

The rebranding effort for BeachTV resulted in a dynamic and visually appealing logo that captured the essence of the brand’s evolution. By incorporating elements of the old logo while introducing fresh design aspects, we created a logo that resonated strongly with the audience. This new logo not only symbolised the transformation BeachTV was undergoing but also highlighted the brand’s core qualities. The revamped logo became a central piece in BeachTV’s rebranding strategy, effectively communicating the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.


Creating the new logo for BeachTV was a meticulous and thoughtful process. We started by analyzing the existing logo, identifying elements that were both effective and iconic. Our goal was to retain the brand’s recognizable features while modernising its appearance. We experimented with various fonts, colors, and design elements, ensuring that each adjustment enhanced the logo’s overall impact. Through careful refinement and creative iteration, we successfully crafted a logo that embodied BeachTV’s past, present, and future, resulting in a powerful visual representation of the brand’s journey.