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From fledgling SME’s, to esoteric start-ups, to renowned entities, we have spread our creative pixie dust through a couple of industries. Transforming the outlook, narrative, performance and penetration of brands with smart, well-researched, data-driven, creative marketing communication campaigns that are hard worn.


Traberg and Vibrant

Wells Hamilton

Industry: Construction / Development 

Brief: Traberg and Vibrant construction company to mark the kick-off of their new building project (Wells Hamilton) requested the agency to plan and organize the groundbreaking event. 


International Women’s day conference 2023

Industry: Real Estate/Empowerment

Brief: WIRE requested the agency utilize its social platform to promote its international Women’s Day event. And also to plan, organize and manage the event to ensure a successful women’s day event.

Landshop Limited


Industry: Real Estate

This project was spawned to help a client gain traffic and awareness to aid the sale of one of their luxurious properties using their then product GREIT (GrowProperty Real Estate Investment Trust) which allows people to buy into properties in sqm and gain massive ROI as years and development progress on said property. 


HoneyLand Adventures

Industry: Hospitality & Tourism

The Honeyland Adventure project was about rebranding and crafting a new market for Honeyland Beach Resort. The agency was charged with creating ample visibility for the brand and making the resort an attractive proposition for both B2C and B2B clients. said property. 

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