Digital Marketing Agency in Lekki Lagos


HoneyLand Adventures

Brand: Honeyland

Industry: Hospitality & Tourismb

The Honeyland Adventure project was about rebranding and crafting a new market for Honeyland Beach Resort. The agency was charged with creating ample visibility for the brand and making the resort an attractive proposition for both B2C and B2B clients.

Strategy Direction: The agency employed various tactics to help boost the visibility of the brand. Online tactics includes; strengtheninv their digital footprint by enhancing their social media, vv, GMB and other Nigerian directory listings. The agency also used its connection with the Face of Zikel models to help push the brand during the course of their retreat to the beach resort which was facilitated by the Agency.

Offline Tactics includes; B2B presentations, providing enticing staycation packages, influencer marketing, beach parties amongst other things, videos and photo shoots

Assets (copies, designs, video/picture coverage, Landing page, branded materials, event management, etc)

Budget: 10 million 


Revenue: Over #1billion naira was made via both B2B and B2C.