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Brand: Landshop Limited

Industry: Real Estate

This project was spawned to help a client gain traffic and awareness to aid the sale of one of their luxurious properties using their then product GREIT (GrowProperty Real Estate Investment Trust) which allows people to buy into properties in sqm and gain massive ROI as years and development progress on said property. 

As at the time of the campaign a sqm of Maiyegun Beach Estate was selling for #120,000 per sqm and it has increased to over 250,000 per sqm now.So whoever invested then had made over 150% gain.

A lot of people have hidden reservations about buying into luxurious properties owing in no small fact to the financial outlay. The Agency was tasked with making this proposition an enticing offer that would resonate with the average Nigerian where they get to eat from the same table as the elite. 

Strategy Direction: Using Influencers like Yomi Casual, Charles Inojie, Ik Ogbonna to craft stories that speak to the transformation of the Lagos housing landscape using their own personal stories on how they have been able to move from renting on the mainland to owning properties on the Island. This speaks to the tales of an average Nigerian, the agency embarked on making this dream a reality.

Assets (copies, designs, video/picture coverage, Landing page, branded materials, event management, etc)

Budget: 2 million 


Traffic - 

Instagram: 195.3k% increase in page reach

Facebook: 1.0M% increase in page reach

Twitter: 42.6% increase in tweet impression

LinkedIn: 208.1% increase in page impression