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Reintroducing over a decade’s worth of experience in the furniture market.

Created an ergonomic and seamless UI/UX website design that embodies and portrays the years worth of offline experience the brand has to offer.


The client requested a website that captures its unique experience, showcasing its array of expertise, furniture with the highest quality for various needs, explosive ideas and new product catalog range whilst still enhancing its digital presence and making them much more accessible to their potential and existing client base.


Coming off of the fact that the client had zero online presence before this. We had to write the whole website content from scratch, Curated product images, imputed eye-catching copies, and easily navigable sections that are on par with already existing companies that dominate the client’s niche. 

Our Impact

To invoke a simple home feel of luxury both in the corporate and domestic setting.  We wanted the website to feel personal and intimate to everyone, so we curated the website content with a unique indigenous feel, a seamless UI/UX, that mixes luxury with simplicity.

We built a strategy of developing curated products such that it gives our client and its customers a detailed understanding of the next steps.