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Argent Logo

Reintroducing and reimagining over a decade’s worth of experience in the furniture market.

We crafted a fun, experienced indigenous brand tone. Cutting across messaging, brand’s history, quality of products/services and upcoming offerings


We were tasked to redesign a full brand with a big history and pack it into a new story with modern and simple minimalistic direction

The client requested a branding that tells its unique history whilst expanding its horizon to an array of new product offerings and consolidates its years of offline experience, embodied  in an online and digital presence, showcasing its array of expertise, unique eye for details and explosive ideas.


Convert a decade old history into a straightforward, modern and space-aesthetic look with a nod to the furniture industry.

Our Impact

In the course of our contract with Argent; we were instrumental in molding the visual identity of the company. We were one of the main contributors to the new “Argent” brand image. In addition, we produce powerful social media content and excellent product designs.


To invoke a simple home feel of luxury both in the corporate and domestic setting.  We went for relatability, a personal and intimate feel for everyone, so we curated the website content with a unique indigenous feel, a seamless UI/UX, that mixes luxury with simplicity.

We built a strategy of developing curated products such that it gives our client and its customers a detailed understanding of the next steps.


Our client was able to reach and convert a multitude of new customers to his list of clients thanks to the unique experience we created.