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Logo Design

We unleashed an ergonomic and sophisticated new outlook for the non-profit organization awareness campaign


The mangrove marathon is a non-profit organization that anchors a marathon in a bid to raise awareness for the depleting mangroves that are abundant along the coastal line that cuts across Nigeria. We embarked on a deep-dive creating a totally new and sophisticated brand identity for the client that included a brochure, a logo, fonts etc.


In a region where mangroves are mainly only used for one thing, wood. The Mangrove Marathon intended to convey the rich and lush greenery that the mangrove inhabited area possesses and the connection it has with earth and the locals, all in a race for one end goal; freedom.

Our Impact

The whole branding exercise acted a bridge that connected the whole of Ibeju Lekki, bringing well over 1000 participants for the marathon into the community, with the sole aim of creating awareness around saving the depleting mangrove ecosystem through environmental awareness, eco-tourism promotion and ecosystem restoration.