Digital Marketing Agency in Lekki Lagos


Create, Organise, Promote and Manage the NGO’s Women Day Initiative


WIRE requested the agency to launch a campaign that utilises and maximises its social media platforms to promote and reach more targeted women for its international Women’s Day event. And also to plan, organise and manage the event to ensure a successful women’s day event.


With Nigeria drowning in economic peril, even successful women need a little life raft to help them stay afloat. Enter WIRE, a real estate platform that allows them to leverage their existing networks for profit, in a way that is unintrusive, and highly rewarding. 

Our Impact

Throughout our partnership we forged a close collaboration with the chief product manager at Landshop, which resulted in us breaking a lot of new grounds and achieving remarkable results to the tune of 100 million + in investments from the launching of these new products.


Both online and offline activities were lined up for the pre-launch phase, event day, and post-event phase to meet the client’s desired result. Countdown activities were carried out to create buzz, a hashtag was created to push the event, a mood board and script for visual direction for the video and picture coverage were also created, and everything was planned and executed down to reporting.